Welcome to the ISA Texas Channel 2020 Instrumentation Expo event page!

Pasadena Convention Center
7902 Fairmont Parkway, Pasadena, Texas 77507 

Thursday, April 2, 2020

4PM - 8PM






We invite you to join the 36th Annual Texas Channel Instrumentation Expo. It has become the largest and most highly anticipated Technical Exposition in the Ship Channel and Bayport Areas.

This event is the largest, single source fundraiser for the Texas Channel Section’s Scholarship Program, which is open to any student seeking a degree in the Technical or Engineering fields. By participating in this event, you are helping shape the future of our industry!

Our promotional efforts will be directed at Engineering and Maintenance Department Managers from all our major Channel Area Manufacturers. We ask not only for vendor participation, but also for support in forwarding the invitation and encouraging attendance within their respective work groups.

Additionally, we will post an announcement of the event on all ISA social channels, our newsletter, website, other local partnered ISA Sections Newsletters, Pasadena Convention Center website and the Marquee.

Finally, your involvement as an Exhibitor will serve to promote participation within your working network via your representatives to client associations. Personal contact and event announcements coupled with distribution of Complimentary Dining Voucher Codes will encourage their attendance. The event will then provide a social setting to meet and greet with your existing network and present you with new contacts to further augment the networking opportunity.

For questions regarding the event or sponsorships, please reach out to the event planner:

Oana Borcoman oana@evokeexperiences.com | 469-879-4222.


For questions to your ISA Texas Channel Event Chairs, please reach out to:

Victor Carbajal | 832-236-7702

Victor Fraga | 281-628-4032


Early Bird discounted pricing ends 1/31/2020.



Pasadena Convention Center

7902 Fairmont Parkway
Pasadena, Texas 77507  



MOVE IN: Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 9:00 am.

OPEN EXHIBITION: 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Outside large vehicle displays may move in and park the day before; please inform us of your intent to do so when registering for your booth.

Water service will be provided during set up times. All exhibits must be removed by 10:00 pm same day (April 2nd, 2020).



All booths will be uniform in size.  A 10' X 10' area will be enclosed with 8' tall curtains as a backdrop. All booths will be furnished with a 6' Skirted table covered and a head sign with your Company Name and booth number will be hung for you. Name tags with lanyards will also be provided for all your attending booth personnel; pick up service will be located at your EXHIBITOR CHECK-IN at the foyer entry. 

NOTE: Booth assignments on a first-come first-served basis. If you prefer your last year’s location, or require a specific booth arrangement, please call early! Also note the change in this year’s offering of a PLATINUM PACKAGE that provides premium booth placement. If you want one of those booths, you are required to purchase a platinum package. To provide exhibitors with the best possible attendee traffic, we attempt to position exhibitors’ so that they are not directly adjacent to competitors. However, sometimes this is not possible, especially as we move closer to April 2nd, 2020.  We appreciate your understanding.

Remember: An Early Bird Reservation is critical in optimizing your Floor Location.


ALL EXHIBITORS ARE REQUIRED TO BRING A DOOR PRIZE valued at $50 or greater. The prize will be displayed at your booth and picked up by a winner at your booth. You will be requested to leave a signed business card with our Lottery Manager, along with your booth number, to facilitate your location. 

A prize lottery drawing will be conducted and announced via text message to Registered Attendees Only and NO STUDENTS. Board members are also not eligible for prizes.

We will inform the attendee, via text, that they are a prize winner, and then direct them to your booth. Proof of Prize Winner Eligibility will be the return of your signed business card, with the winner’s name & number on your card, as verified by our Lottery Manager.

NOTE: By participating in the raffle, you will obtain access to a complete contact list of attendees who are signing up to take part in the raffle. All attendee raffle participants will give their consent to share their contact information with you. This is a huge value add we are implementing this year!



Electricity will be an additional charge of $35 and can be added later in the options menu. If you do not need electricity, you do not have to add it for your booth.
However, it is NOT INCLUDED unless you add it to your registration. Please note, you will need to bring your own extension cords.


The PHOENIX DESIGN GROUP INC, (281-499-0600) is contracted as the event decorator.  Any additional chairs, or different type of chairs, furniture, carpeting, draping, etc., may be ordered through The Phoenix Design Group, Inc.  An order form for any additional rental or services, at a discounted rate, will be furnished with your registration/reservation package.


All attendees will register prior to entering the exhibit area. Their badge will include their name and company affiliation.
You will be given a contact list of all attendees who have given their consent and are participating in the raffle to use at your discretion for follow up. 


BEER, TEA AND WATER SERVICE: 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm 

DINNER (BY DINNER VOUCHER ONLY): 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm 

All Exhibitors will receive Digital Dinner Vouchers with their Registration Packages and are encouraged to distribute all tickets to their clients prior to the show.

Additional Dinner Vouchers may be purchased at $15/ticket prior to or early at the event.  


Full refunds will be made upon request prior to March 5, 2020. All “Early Birds” are only 80% refundable.  Cancellations made past March 5, 2020 will be credit only towards other ISA Texas Channel events. Different rates apply for the Kicked-Out Section.


Please note the addition of the Platinum Package in this year’s offerings with Premium Booth Placement. These booths offer the most foot traffic, and therefore, offer more value to the exhibitor. There are only 18 available Platinum Packages, and while they can be combined with other booths, they cannot be split and must be sold together as two booths. The Platinum Package comes with additional FOOD tickets compared to the other packages. We have also included the opportunity to be a Lanyard Sponsor (your company logo will be printed on the lanyards given to everyone), a Beer Cup Sponsor (your logo will be printed on a take-home stadium beer cup that will be used to serve beer), a Tote Bag Sponsor (your logo will be displayed on the tote bag handed to all attendees) and a Water Sponsor (your logo will be on all branded water bottles served at the event).


For a complete listing of packages and sponsor opportunities, please review the below chart.





The image below shows the entire floor plan for the event. Click the link to view an updated floor map with availability and what sponsors are already registered.


The ISA Texas Channel thanks you in advance for your consideration and participation!

For any questions, please email oana@evokeexperiences.com.